The school premises has been divided chiefly in two buildings named as :
BHARAT KHAND has Fully Air Conditioned spacious classrooms & Highly Comfortable Staffrooms for our Primary Teachers.
BHAGIRATH KHAND has spacious classrooms soon to be air conditioned and different Laboratories, Audio/Video Room, Vast Library & Highly Comfortable air conditioned Staffrooms for our Teachers.
The school building is constructed strictly according to fire safety and other disaster resistant norms.

The school has spacious airy air-conditioned classrooms furnished with suitable furniture, fans, tube lights, large green ceramic boards and notice boards.
Physical Facilities:-
  • Fully air conditioned Primary & Junior Wings
  • Arrangement of drinking water through submersibles, Aquaguards and water coolers.
  • Proper Medical attention to unwell students. Free medical aid in case of minor ailments.
  • Big generator sets to provide uninterrupted power supply.
  • Blossoming flower pots, green surroundings decorative trees and lawns.
  • Sufficient number of toilets, high level of sanitation maintained all the time.
  • CCTV cameras affixed for strict surveillance to ensure tight security at campus as well as checking any indisciplinary activity at initial stage.
  • The school uses fully automatic school bell system programmed according to the school time table.
  • Installation of Smart Boards that enhance the teaching- learning process.

“Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.”

The school provides an invigorating and competitive atmosphere created by excellent facilities and guidance.

Factors contributing to high standard of education are:-
  • Complete support and constant guidance of Management.
  • Incessant academic and administrative supervision by competent Principal
  • Industrious efforts of highly qualified, dedicated and dynamic teachers.
  • Education is mainly activity based and child oriented.
  • Regular extra classes for weak as well as talented.
  • Guidance & counselling for professional courses and competitions.
  • Supervision and guidance by our Department of Inspection.