• “Creativity Knows No Bounds”
Experiential learning produces more impact than bookish education; School provides students several opportunities to express themselves by organizing timely exhibitions & competitions.
“Co-curricular activities not only tap inexhaustible potential of a child but also foster in him human values.”
School focuses on building the body and mind of every student through co-curricular activities. Students are given a conducive atmosphere for the growth of their all round personality by encouraging their participation in games and sports, literary and cultural activities.
  • Art & Craft Exhibition
“I don’t teach my children, I create condition for them to learn” believing these words of Einstein Art, Craft and several other opportunities are provided to develop the aesthetic sense of the students.
  • Social Science Exhibition
Based on learning by doing object, exquisite social science exhibition is also organized where eloquence and confidence of the children is well exposed and developed.
  • IT Exhibition
To enhance the knowledge of students with the changing trends of information technology IT exhibition has become the part of their co-curricular activities.
To acquaint the students with the changing political scenario our students participate in Youth parliament competition initiated by the Ministry of Parliamentry Affairs , Govt. of India aims to make the Youth Parliament as nurseries of future Parliamentarians. It inculcates democratic values , broadens outlook and leads to better understanding, communication, tolerance and patience. It helps students to understand local, national and international subjects and above all enhances their debating standard.. In this competition Sec-3, Vikas Nagar has maintained its Ist position from the very beginning till date.
All National festivals & days are celebrated/observed zealously every year.
  • Musical Activities
Several musical activities are proposed for the complete and full fledged development of our students personalities and they have shown keen interest in them.
Our Students have bagged Ist Position in Ghandhi Bhawan (Samuh Gayan Semifinal) with 48 medals & lifted the overall shield for the sixth time in 2006and IInd position in Bharat Vikas Parishad Zonal DeshBhakti Gayan Pratiyogita and have proved their excellence. School actively participates in Action Songs & group dance competitions organized by the government on the Republic Day.
  • Games and Sports Activities
School strongly believes in the saying: “A healthy body is the key to a healthy mind”
School provides facility of indoor and outdoor games including Basketball & Badminton, Lawn Tennis, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Chess & Carom etc. and arranges Inter School Competitions for budding talent